Indoor Greenhouse for our Daughters

Yes in our family everybody is involved in the passion of gardening. The girls always have this initiative and enthusiasm to create their own garden with their little hands be it in a pot or a spot in the garden. We love visiting garden centers from time to time to check whatever new things available. They have seen this Jiffy Greenhouse for tomato and vegetable that will start with seeds and save!

 In preparation for our spring seedlings for our garden this season, we then bought this product to encourage the girls even more on gardening. Here is the easy growing and planting instructions of this indoor greenhouse:

  • Expand Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets by gradually adding approximately ½ cup (100ml) of warm water per pellet or approximately 7 cups (1.75 liters) to expand entire package. Add more water as needed. When pellets are fully expanded (about 2 ½ inches, 60 mm tall and dark brown), pour off any excess water.

  • Gently pull back netting on top of pellets. Fluff and level surface peat. Sow 2-3 seeds per pellets. Cover lightly with peat. Place dome on tray and keep in a warm location away from direct sunlight.

  • When first seeds sprout, prop dome open. When all seeds have sprouted, remove dome and place in a sunny location. After first true leaves appear, cut back all except strongest seedling in each pellet.

  • Add water to tray when pellets turn light brown. Do not over water.

  • To harden off plants, place outside in shade for several days (bring plants in at night). Gradually expose to full sunlight.

  • To transplant, dig holes deep enough to cover top of pellets. Gently firm soil around pellet then water.

 For now we are in the waiting period for the seeds to come out. It says it takes 7-10 days before sprouts start to come out but eagerness takes over that the girls can’t help not to check every single day upon wake up!

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