recycled toilet roll planter

My Recycled Planter Holder

I always fascinated with iron artworks be it planters or anything. Now I don’t consider myself artistic by any means but I can create garden art out of found objects or from rescues. I’m inspired by the book “Garden Junk” by Mary Randolph Carter that gives me interesting ideas to recycle found objects into functional pieces of garden art.

I found a pair of iron wrought glass top side tables on yard sale and because the glass top is broken, the owner is selling them both for fiver. My mind worked automatic whenever I find good deals. I know exactly what I am going to do with them – a patio planter holder!

Our front porch gets strong wind especially in the afternoon and my ceramic planters get broken every time. Now I just found a solution of this problem by recycling these tables into usable planter holders.

One of my favorite recycle junkies are my own parents. If anyone has the ability to be creative with cast-offs, they do. My mom recycled every container she gets from sour cream to ice cream! If she cooks something and share to her friends, you expect it will come into an ice cream or butter container. And she doesn’t expect you to return the container anymore either you can recycle them yourself or just chuck them away. Exactly what a great idea! They used tree branches as trellis in our vegetable garden.

I’ve seen a rusty old bicycle propped against a garden fence from the book I read. The wicker basket strapped to the handle bar explodes with color from seasonal annuals. What a sight! And in the movie “Gnomeo & Juliet” the old toilet bowl turned into planter.

I’m not saying we should all run out to the salvage yards, collect bits and pieces to save them from the landfill. But if I see something useful at the alley during trash day, oh well, yes I am! Some of the most creative uses of garden art were rescues from such places.

With a little creativity, by recycling what used to be junk into attractive and unique garden features, we can help save just a little more space in the landfill. I always consider the saying; “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We are a society of planned obsolescence. Innovations take over. Why not put some of those obsolete treasures to use once again in our garden?

Another one of my favorites is to use toilet roll tubes as biodegradable seed planters, cut them in half, stand them in a tray and fill with compost. Then just plant as normal, then when you need to plant in the garden, you don’t disturb the roots and the tube just rots away.


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